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Early figs
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Early figs
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The figs and the early figs are very rich in carbohydrates, which the organism transforms into glucose. For it, the figs and the early figs are advisable fruits for all those persons in general, and in particular, for whom they need an extra energy contribution; pregnant, nursing, children in epoch of growth and adolescents and for persons with an important physical or intellectual wear. Bearing in mind the quantity of glucose that reaches port, his consumption is very interesting in persons who realize intense sports activities, especially in epochs of training or in the feeding postcompetition, to restore the deposits of glucógeno that have been exhausted. At the moment of the precompetition they are not indicated due to his content in fibre, that it might provoke intestinal inconveniences, on having delayed the digestion or to accelerate the reflex of the defecation.

The figs are digested very well and act like emollient (conditioners) of the mucous membranes of the gastrointestinal tract. The fibre is one of his principal components, reason by which there are considered to be laxative fruits. The fibre has the aptitude to fix substances (biliary acids, cholesterol...) so that it diminishes or delays his absorption. This property is particularly interesting for the persons with high cholesterol, since viscous gels form between the soluble fibre and the cholesterol that is excreted partly together with the dregs. The soluble fibre retains water, therefore the volume of the dregs increases making them more fluid and the insoluble fibre increases the speed of intestinal transit and with it the evacuation of the dregs. This fact does of the figs and the early figs a good tool to be able to fight the constipation and the intestinal apathy. Also, the fibre realizes a protection function opposite to the colon cancer, since it prevents or diminishes the time of contact of carcinogenic substances with the mucous membrane of the large intestine.


It has been stated recently that the figs and the green early figs present antirust activity, although compared to other fruits it is not of the most excellent. The antirust substances (provitamina A of these fruits) neutralize the harmful action of the free radicals therefore they help to reduce the risk of cardiovascular, degenerative diseases and of cancer. For his composition, it is food especially indicated in case of constipation (rich in fibre), in diets to slim (for his effect saciante), when intense physical activity is realized (to fulfill the extra energy demand) and for persons with diabetes; of course, bearing in mind the caloric content and of sugar.

For his high content in potassium and low in sodium, they turn out to be very advisable for those persons who suffer arterial hypertension or complaints of blood glasses and heart. Nevertheless, his plenty of the above mentioned mineral, it will have to bear it in mind the persons who suffer from renal insufficiency and who need of special diets controlled in potassium. Nevertheless, to whom they take diuretics that eliminate potassium and to the persons with bulimia, due to the episodes of autoinduced vomiting that provoke big losses of this mineral, the consumption of these fruits is convenient for them.

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