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The antocianos and carotenoides they are abundant in the composition of all these fruits of the forest. From the biochemical point of view they are characterized for possessing a high antirust activity; they neutralize the action of the free radicals that are harmful to the organism. These properties can give place to very diverse physiological effects; anti-inflammatory effects and antibacterial action of the antocianos, between others. These fruits contain, in addition to the antocianos and carotenoides, antirust others like the vitamin C. The dietetic ingestion of these substances promotes our immune system or of defenses of the organism and helps to reduce the risk of degenerative, cardiovascular illnesses and enclosed of the cancer. Also, the vitamin C has the aptitude to favor the absorption of the iron of the food, therefore it improves or prepares the anemia ferropénica. There exist certain vital situations in which the organic needs for vitamin C are increased, like pregnancy, lactation, nicotinism, employment of certain medicines, stress and diminished defenses, intense sports practice, cancer, AIDS and chronic inflammatory illnesses. In the above mentioned situations, the consumption of wild berries rich in vitamin C is indicated especially.

The fibre is a very abundant component in these fruits, therefore his habitual consumption during the months in which they abound can turn out to be a remedy to treat the constipation and the intestinal apathy.

The fruits when they are still green, are rich in tannins, which this roughness sensation awards in the palate and they turn out to be astringent and refreshing, but once they reach his finished ripeness, the tannins diminish and the fruits acquire laxative, tonic and depurative properties.

Particularly, the bilberries are ideal to fight infections and to improve the peripheral circulation. The juice of bilberries of the red variety, he exercises a surprising antiseptic and antibiotic action on the causative gérmenes of the urinal infections, especially on Escherichia Coli. In case of cystitis, there is recommended the capture of a big glass full of approximately 300 milliliters of daily fresh juice, during one to three months, like treatment and prophylaxis.

Also, the bilberries contain acid quínico, substance that is eliminated and acidifies the urine, so that he prevents from forming calculations or litiasis renal of calcic phosphate, not of another type of calculations.

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