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The avocado is a fruit that generally is used as vegetable or vegetable, delicate flavor and of easy consumption rich in fats monoinsaturadas, antirust and mineral; allied of our health. Bearing in mind the above mentioned nourishing properties, it is very advisable for all the segments of the population: children, young people, adults, sportsmen, pregnant women, nursing mothers and major persons.

For his contribution of antirust and type fats monoinsaturado, his consumption is recommended especially, to whom they have major risk of suffering cardiovascular diseases. The fats monoinsaturadas have the property of reducing the valuations of entire cholesterol in blood, at the expense of the so called "bad cholesterol", the LDL-c, at the time that they increase the HDL-c levels, "the good cholesterol", which in our body is in charge of transporting for the blood the cholesterol from the cells to the liver, preventing from accumulating in the walls of the blood glasses.

The vitamin E, like antirust, helps to reduce the risk of multiple illnesses, between them, cardiovascular, the degenerative ones and even the cancer. Also, for his wealth in magnesium and potassium and under sodium contribution, it turns out to be very advisable for those persons who suffer from arterial hypertension or complaints of blood glasses and heart and for those who have bulimia or take diuretics that eliminate potassium. His potassium content will have to be born in mind by the persons who suffer from renal insufficiency and who need of diets controlled in this mineral.

For being quite caloric, his consumption has to be moderated in case of excess weight or obesity.

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