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The dried fruits combine very well with the breakfast cereals and enrich it in vitamins, minerals and fibre, what can turn out to be an interesting alternative for persons of all the ages, with the idea of doing this first meal of the day, attractive, varied and with new flavors.

This food constitutes a suitable restorative complement of the diet and, for his extra contribution in sugar and calories, they turn out to be particularly appropriate when there are practised sports of long duration or intense physical efforts, for what should always be part of the provisions of the montañeros and excursionists. His consumption is dissuaded in case of excess weight and obesity, since his caloric content is from four to six times a Superior with regard to the fresh origin fruit, and the persons must bear them in mind with diabetes and hipertrigliceridemia, for his concentration in simple sugar.


His content in fibre turns to the fruits dessicated in interesting food in different situations or illnesses. There abounds in his composition the soluble fibre, which has aptitude to form viscous gels that fix the fat and the cholesterol, with what it diminishes the absorption of the above mentioned substances; reason for which the moderate consumption of dried fruits is positive in case of hipercolesterolemia, if this one is not associated with excess weight.

The plums and the dried figs, in particular, for his big quantity of insoluble fibre, it is very effective food to treat the constipation. The insoluble fibre, the speed of intestinal transit increases and with it the evacuation of the dregs (laxative effect); it kidnaps the biliary acids, which are eliminated by the dregs, what it forces the organism to synthesize more acids from the cholesterol, and as a result it diminishes the entire cholesterol. The insoluble fibre drags the cholesterol and the carcinogenic substances; they spend less time in contact with the mucous membrane, therefore there diminishes the risk of hipercolesterolemia and cancer of intestine.

The dried fruits, on having been dehydrated, are food concentrated on nutrients, between them the iron, by what his consumption is indicated in case of anemia ferropénica. To favor the iron absorption, these fruits have to get together with food rich in vitamin C, such as citric or his juice, kiwi, tropical fruits, etc. The dried apricots of apricot, of peach and the dry figs stand out on the rest for his content in iron.

The dried apricots of apricot and of peach constitute an excellent beta - caroteno source or provitamina A, with antirust activity, therefore he exercises a preventive action in the degenerative, cardiovascular illnesses and in the cancer.

Rich in minerals

The dried fruits are one of the food with major potassium concentration, by what his consumption is recommended especially for those who take diuretics that eliminate potassium and for the persons with bulimia, since for the autoinduced vomiting big quantities of the above mentioned mineral get lost. Nevertheless, for the persons who suffer from renal insufficiency and who need of diets controlled in potassium, the consumption of dried fruits is contra-indicated.

The wealth in magnesium of these fruits makes them interesting in situations in which the needs for this mineral are increased: bad chronic intestinal absorption, alcoholism, treatment with certain medicines. Also, the diets rich in refined food (white bread, white rice, sugar, pasta...), usually have suppressed magnesium minor that the rich ones in vegetables and finished grains. The mineral gets lost during the refinement of the cereals, like the wheat flour and the rice, and the prosecution of the food, like the sugar, and it is not added like part of the enrichment of the cereals.

It is necessary to bear in mind

The habitual consumption of dried fruits can favor the tooth decay appearance. The sticky consistency of the dried fruits does that they adhere to the teeth, therefore it is advisable to brush the teeth after consuming them.

During the process of industrial drying of these fruits it usually use liquid paraffin or it is added anhídrido sulphurous to prevent from being dried off in excess, although they can transmit his flavor and contaminate the taste of the fruit, therefore it is preferable to acquire the organic dried fruits as far as possible. Also, the sulfites provoke asthmatic crises in some allergic individuals or allergic reactions in sensitive persons.

The dried fruits turn out to be more indigestible than the fresh airs from which they come for what his consumption does not recommend to itself those who endure digestive problems (slow and heavy digestions, flatulence, delicate stomach...), although they can take them in the shape of compote.

The dates contain tiramina, a substance that provokes constriction of the blood glasses, what can provoke migraine in inclined persons.

The oxalic acid that the dry figs contain can form salt with certain minerals like the calcium and form oxalato calcic, by what the consumption has to be avoided if this type of kidney stones is endured, since it might aggravate the situation.

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