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The plum is very rich in antocianos that provide to him his typical color (especially valuable in the varieties of red and purple tones). From the point of view of the health, the antocianos have antirust and antiseptic action; to fight infectious processes. The antirust ones block the harmful effect of the so called "free radicals".

The respiration in the presence of oxygen is essential in the cellular life of our organism, but as a result of the same one there take place a few molecules, the free radicals, which cause along the life negative effects for the health across his aptitude to alter the ADN (the genes), the proteins and the lípidos or fats ("oxidation"). In our body there exist cells that are renewed continuously (of the skin, of the intestine...) and others that not (cells of the liver...) . With the years, the free radicals increase the risk that genetic alterations take place on the first ones, favoring the cancer development or, reduce the functionality of the second ones, what is typical of the aging process. There exist certain situations that increase the free radicals production, between them: the intense physical exercise, the environmental contamination, the nicotinism, the infections, situations of stress, diets rich in fats and her on exhibition to the solar radiation. The relation between antirust and cardiovascular diseases, it is today a well sustained affirmation. It is known that it is the modification of the called "bad cholesterol" (LDL-c), which redeems a fundamental role both in the beginning and in the development of the aterosclerosis (illness that consists of an engrosamiento and abnormal hardness of the internal covering of the blood glasses, due to a deposit of greasy material and cells, which prevents or makes the step of the blood difficult). The antirust ones can block the free radicals that modify the called bad cholesterol, helping to reduce the cardiovascular and cerebrovascular risk. On the other hand, the low levels of antirust constitute a risk factor for certain types of cancer and of degenerative illnesses.

What in fact he emphasizes from the plums is his laxative action, the fibre content, of sorbitol (a type of sugar) and of derivatives of the hifroxifenilxantina, substances that stimulate the activity of the muscles of the colon. This explains his traditional use as laxatively in case of constipation. An ideal breakfast to fight the constipation and to protect the mucous membrane of the intestine, must contain fresh, dry plums, in compote or in the shape of delightful jam.

Laxative effect

The plums constitute an ideal laxative for all the persons, especially for the children, the elders and the pregnant women, who often present constipation. The continued use of the fresh plums in summer and dessicated or in the shape of jam the rest of the year, he helps to conquer the lazy intestine and to re-educate the intestinal function. The soluble fibre of the plums, in addition to improving the intestinal transit, has the aptitude to retain water, for what it swells up in the stomach forming a gel, what reduces the speed of gastric emptying and the speed of absorption of the carbohydrates. This turns them into useful fruits in slimming systems, since his consumption produces satiety sensation, although consumed with restraint, for his carbohydrates plenty, what also there have to bear in mind the persons who have diabetes. Also, the soluble fibre forms a viscous gel that fixes the fat and the cholesterol, with what it diminishes the absorption of the above mentioned substances. This is positive in case of hipercolesterolemia.

For his potassium plenty, the plums consumption has to be done moderately in case of renal insufficiency, in which the contribution of the above mentioned mineral is restricted. Nevertheless, for his high place contained in water, potassium and malic acid (alcaliniza the urine), beneficial diuretic possesses an effect in case of hiperuricemia or drop and litiasis or kidney stones (they facilitate the elimination of uric acid and his salt), arterial hypertension or other illnesses associated with retention of liquids. Also his consumption is convenient when there are used diuretics that eliminate the above mentioned mineral, and in case of bulimia due to the episodes of autoinduced vomiting that cause big losses.

The oxalic acid that the purple plums contain can form salt with certain minerals like the calcium and form oxalato calcic, by what his consumption has to be born in mind if this type of kidney stones is endured, since it might aggravate the situation.

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