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It is a sweet, refreshing fruit and of easy consumption, rich in substances of antirust action, I motivate by which his consumption is adapted, bearing in mind also his nourishing properties, for the whole population: children and young people, adults, sportsmen, pregnant women or nursing mothers and major persons.

For his provitamina contribution A and vitamin C, there are recommended especially those who have a major risk of suffering lacks of the above mentioned vitamins: persons who do not tolerate the citrus fruits, the pepper or other vegetables, which are an almost exclusive vitamin source C in our feeding; for those who must carry out a diet low in fat and therefore with a scarce vitamin content A or for persons whose nourishing needs are increased. Some of these situations are: periods of growth, pregnancy and breast feeding. Likewise, the tobacco, the abuse of the alcohol, the employment of certain medicines, the stress and the diminished defenses, the intense physical activity, the cancer and the AIDS, and the chronic inflammatory illnesses diminish the use and produce bad nutrients absorption.

The vitamins A and C, like antirust, they help to reduce the risk of multiple illnesses, between them, cardiovascular, the degenerative ones and even the cancer. Also, because the vitamin C increases the absorption of the iron of the food, it is advised in case of anemia ferropénica, accompanying to the food rich in iron or to the supplements of this mineral since this accelerates the recovery.

His fibre content awards his laxative properties. The fibre prepares or improves the constipation, helps to reduce the cholesterol valuations in blood, to the good control of the glycemia and has an effect saciante, beneficial in case of diabetes and excess weight, of course, in suitable quantities.

His potassium content will have to be born in mind by the persons who suffer from renal insufficiency and who need of diets controlled in this mineral. Nevertheless, who take diuretics that eliminate potassium and endure bulimia will benefit from his consumption since in the handle the above mentioned mineral abounds.

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