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The grape, for the facility that it offers to be consumed and the sweetness that his grains provide, it constitutes an ideal dessert for the persons of all the ages, which in addition to his exquisite flavor will be favored of his nourishing properties.

The sanitary benefits of the grape derive both from his nourishing components and of another series of substances, which properties are a study object in recent investigations. It is a question of the compounds fenólicos, abundant in the grapes and responsible for his color and flavor, such like antocianos, tannins and flavonoides, all of them with powerful antirust action. The antocianos are the pigments responsible for the color of the black and red grapes and they are absent in the white varieties. The tannins award the astringency sensation to the green grapes. Inside the flavonoides, the resveratrol is the most recognized. It is present especially in the skin of the black and red grape and has antifungoid properties, that is to say, the fungi growth prevents in the grapes. The last scientific studies have showed his efficacy on having inhibited or to block the tumor growth, therefore the habitual grape consumption is recommended in case of cancer and if risk factors appear.

Antirust and free radicals

All the mentioned compounds have antirust capacity. During the processes that take place in the cells substances harmful to the organism are generated, called free radicals, and related straight to the development of cardiovascular, degenerative diseases, cancer and to the proper process of aging. Recent studies reveal that the antirust ones help to block the formation of the above mentioned substances. Flavonoides and resveratrol, in particular, they produce the following benefits on the circulation in the arteries: vasodilatación, therefore the blood flow increases; decrease of the aggregation plaquetaria (the blood circulates more fluid with what diminishes the risk of formation of clots or thrombi) and inhibition of the oxidation of the cholesterol LDL-c that unleashes his deposit in the arteries and gives place to the aterosclerosis.

Essentially, we can make sure that the grape and the must (juice of grape) are food that favor the good state of the arteries and of the heart. To the benefits of the antirust substances, the contribution joins in potassium and magnesium, minerals that intervene in the contraction of the muscles and of the heart. Nevertheless, his consumption will have to be born in mind by the persons who suffer from renal insufficiency and who need of special diets controlled in this potassium. Nevertheless, to whom they take diuretics that eliminate potassium and to the persons with bulimia; due to the episodes of autoinduced vomiting that provoke big losses of this mineral, the consumption of these fruits is convenient for them.

Rich in fibre

The grape, for his content in fibre it is a soft laxative. In case of constipation, it is recommended to consume the grapes without peeling and with pips, since it is there where there are the substances that favor the intestinal motilidad and help to regulate his functioning. For those who suffer from delicate stomach, the most suitable thing is to consume the juice of the grape or must. For the wealth in sugar of the grapes, the persons with diabetes and excess weight can take them but controlling the quantity.

The moderate acid content fólico or folatos, essential vitamin in the processes of division and cellular multiplication that they take place in the first months of gestation, it does that the grapes consumption turns out to be interesting for the pregnant women to prepare the forked thorn, alteration in the development of the nervous system (pipe neural) of the fetus.

Due to his particular composition, these fruits possess an effect beneficial diuretic in case of hiperuricemia or drop and litiasis renal (it favors the elimination of uric acid and his salt), arterial hypertension or other illnesses associated with retention of liquids.

The oxalic acid that the black grapes contain can form salt with certain minerals like the calcium and form oxalato calcic, by what his consumption has to be born in mind if this type of kidney stones is endured, since it might aggravate the situation.

The polyphenols and the tannins, abundant substances in the red varieties can unleash migraine in inclined persons.

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