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The facility that offers this fruit to be consumed, since it does not need to be peeled, turns it into an ideal dessert for the smallest, and considering the soft texture of his pulp this fruit is indicated for those who have difficulties to chew the food. His high water contribution they turn it into a powerful moisturizing one, and therefore, into a fruit especially indicated during his period for the biggest persons, who usually show displeasure to take enough liquids. Two good watermelon slices fulfill to a water glass, and with the pleasure of tasting a refreshing, sweet and tasty fruit. In general, it turns out to be easy to digest, although it can turn out to be indigestible for certain persons if they consume it after the meals, because his high water contribution dilutes the gastric juices and delays the digestion of the food, what provokes the consequent sensation of indigestion and distension.

Also, it turns out to be a magnificent diuretic, that is to say, the urine production increases, by what his consumption is indicated for whom they endure kidney stones, high uric acid, hypertension and other illnesses that they study with liquids retention. It turns out to be interesting to eat abundant watermelon after a day of nutritive excesses, since to the being diurética, favors the elimination of substances of waste for the urine, therefore it turns out to be a perfect help like desintoxicante.

This fruit is ideal in the slimming diets, since it is possible to consume double quantity of watermelon than of many other fruits, without the calories increasing especially.


The varieties of watermelon which pulp is of pink and red color, are considered to be a moderate licopeno source. Numerous scientific studies have revealed that the licopeno has antirust properties and that, including in the diet food rich in the above mentioned substance, like the watermelon, there diminishes the risk of certain types of cancer in general, and of pancreas, lung, colon and of prostate, in particular. A high licopeno level in the blood plasma collaborates especially with a minor incidence of the latter type of cancer. Also, the licopeno, for his antirust activity, acts against the free radicals, substances harmful to the organism, what justifies the role of the consumption of watermelon in the reduction of the risk of cardiovascular and degenerative diseases. On the other hand, the studies continued on the carotenoides, between which the licopeno is, offer tests that endorse the existence of a series of biological actions of these substances, like beneficial effects on the immune system and the control of the growth and of the cellular differentiation.

Since it is one of the least abundant fruits in potassium, the persons who suffer from renal insufficiency and continue a diet controlled in this mineral, they can consume it moderately, but in major quantity than most of the fruits.

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