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To get accustomed to the individual acidic, bitter and sweet flavor of the grapefruit does not need of a lot of time if one thinks about the benefits for the health that brings the consumption of this one citric. A grapefruit juice only or combined with orange and lemon it is an intelligent way of beginning the day with a good vitamin dose C, between other nutrienes.

The grapefruit or his juice are an important vitamin source C, flavonoides, beta - caroteno (provitamina A) in the varieties of colored pulp, therefore it is considered to be this fruit especially interesting for the prevention and the treatment of diverse pathologies by his antirust effects.

Antirust and free radicals

The antirust ones block the harmful effect of the so called "free radicals". The respiration in the presence of oxygen is essential in the cellular life of our organism, but as a result of the same one there take place a few molecules, the free radicals, which cause along the life negative effects for the health across his aptitude to alter the ADN (the genes), the proteins and the lípidos or fats ("oxidation). In our body there exist cells that are renewed continuously (of the skin, of the intestine...) and others that not (cells of the liver...) . With the years, the free radicals increase the risk that genetic alterations take place on the first ones, favoring the cancer development or, reduce the functionality of the second ones, what is typical of the aging process. There exist certain situations that increase the free radicals production, between them: the intense physical exercise, the environmental contamination, the nicotinism, the infections, situations of stress, diets rich in fats and her on exhibition to the solar radiation. The relation between antirust and cardiovascular diseases, it is today a well sustained affirmation. It is known that it is the modification of the called "bad cholesterol" (LDL-c) the one that redeems a fundamental role both in the beginning and in the development of the aterosclerosis (illness that consists of an engrosamiento and abnormal hardness of the internal covering of the blood glasses, due to a deposit of greasy material and cells, which prevents or makes the step of the blood difficult). The antirust ones can block the free radicals that modify the called bad cholesterol, helping to reduce the cardiovascular and cerebrovascular risk. On the other hand, the low levels of antirust constitute a risk factor for certain types of cancer and of degenerative illnesses.


On the other hand, a juice prepared with two grapefruits covers 100 % of the recommendations of vitamin C. The situations as the pregnancy and the lactation, nicotinism, employment of certain medicines, stress, intense practice of sport and pathologies as the cancer, the AIDS and the chronic inflammatory illnesses, increase the organic needs for the above mentioned nutrient. In these cases, the habitual consumption of entire grapefruit is particularly recommended or in juice. And for the rest of the population, to take grapefruit can be especially interesting during the winter months and in the seasonal changes, when the ups and downs are frequent in the defenses system, and one is inclined to contract colds or infections.

The acid fólico is an essential vitamin in the processes of division and cellular multiplication that they take place during the first months of gestation, therefore the consumption of juice of grapefruit turns out to be interesting for any pregnant woman, although for his acidic composition it can provoke acidity those gestantes with the delicate stomach.

For the sportsmen, for his content in potassium, vitamin C, carotenoides and other nutrients, constitutes a good alternative to restore the minerals and the liquid lost after the physical activity and to minimize the injuries risk and to promote the defenses. His juice mixed with water, bicarbonate and sugar can do perfectly the functions of remoisturizing drink during the competition in sports that have a duration bigger than 90 minutes, in which the losses of glucose, water and electrolytes are more marked.

In case of anemia ferropénica, it is very useful and advisable to consume this fruit accompanying to the food rich in iron or to the supplements of this mineral. The vitamin C increases significantly the iron absorption and this accelerates the recovery.

Organic acids

The high content in water, potassium and citric acid (alcaliniza the urine), they convert to the grapefruit into fruits with effect diuretic, beneficial in case of hiperuricemia or drop and litiasis renal (it favors the elimination of uric acid and his salt), arterial hypertension or other illnesses associated with retention of liquids and for those who take diuretics that eliminate potassium. Nevertheless, the persons who endure renal insufficiency and who need of special diets controlled in potassium, will have to moderate the consumption.

The content in citric acid does of the grapefruit a fruit with antiseptic properties on the digestive and urinal routes. This substance, together with other organic acids, they provide the characteristic acidic flavor to him to the grapefruit, therefore his consumption can provoke inconveniences those who suffer rupture of hiatus, acidity of stomach, gastritis and gastric ulcer or gastroduodenal.

The bitter substance of the grapefruit, opens the appetite and favors the bile production, hence it is considered to be to the grapefruit a digestive and beneficial food for the liver.

The scarce fibre of the grapefruit is principally in the white pulp that exists under the skin and between the segments, and frequently it is rejected, especially when a juice is prepared. It is a question of soluble fibre, which retains water, therefore his consumption helps, although in small measurement, to favor the intestinal transit, on having increased the volume of the dregs and to make them more fluid.

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