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The pear is one of the tastiest and succulent fruits, any time they eat up in his ripeness point, by what his consumption is adapted in all the stages of the life. For his potassium plenty, his consumption is convenient for those who take diuretics that eliminate potassium, to fulfill the losses. Given his character lightly astringent it is adapted in case of diarrhea and for his soft effect diuretic, in case of liquids retention. The tannins have astringent properties and antiinfalmatorias; they dry and desinflaman the intestinal mucous membrane (layer that upholsters the interior of the digestive conduit), therefore the consumption of well mature pears turns out to be effective in case of diarrhea and other digestive disorders (delicate stomach, gastritis, ulcer). Also, for his low carbohydrates content and in sodium and high place in potassium, they turn out to be very advisable for those who suffer from diabetes, arterial hypertension or cardiovascular complaints. His potassium content, it will have to be born in mind by the persons who suffer from renal insufficiency and who need of special diets controlled in this mineral.

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