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How to prepare it How to prepare it
Apricots to the caramel
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- 6 apricots
- 100 grams of sugar
- 1 soup brandy spoonful
- 1 milk glass
- 1 fresh egg
- 1 cornstarch spoonful
- 1 spoonful of cut nut

How is it prepared

To open for the half the apricots and to extract the bone. Once bare and clean to place them in a receptacle with little water and the brandy. To set to boil during five minutes. To dissolve in a bowl of milk, the cornstarch and the sugar. To put the miscellany to the fire and to leave that he cooks removing until it thickens enough. To extinguish the fire and to add to the resultant cream a well-worn egg egg yolk and the nuts. To remove well up to obtaining a homogeneous miscellany. To place halves of apricot in a source, with the hollow up and to add the cream between the halves. To put to fire sugar with little water until the caramel forms and to spill this one on the apricot. It is necessary to serve them next, without allowing to cool the caramel.

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How to prepare it
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