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How to prepare them How to prepare them
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40 ' more 1 ó 2 nights of refrigeration


- 100 grams of black redcurrants
- 120 grams of red redcurrants
- 110 grams of bilberries
- 350 grams of strawberries
- 225 grams of raspberries
- 4 plates ó 10 grams gelatine in dust
- 250 milliliters of pink wine
- 2 spoonfuls of extrathin sugar
- 1 lemon juice spoonful
- 75 milliliters of purée of raspberries

To select the fruits, to withdraw the stems and, next, to mix them carefully not to spoil them. To set to dip the gelatine. To arrange carefully the fruit in an elongated mold of 13 x 23 x 7 centimeters of one kilo of capacity, arranging the smallest fruit below. In a small ladle, to warm half of the wine until he begins boiling. To withdraw the ladle of the fire and to add the sugar, the gelatine and the lemon juice. To remove to dissolve it well. To incorporate the remaining wine and the raspberries in purée. To reserve 150 milliliters of the liquid and to spill the rest on the fruit. To cover the surface with transparent movie. To place above a mold lightly heavily, one kilo in weight, and to refresh it for one hour, like minimum, or the whole night if possible, until the tarrina is curdled. To withdraw the mold of above and the transparent movie. To warm lightly the reserved liquid and to spill it on the surface of the tarrina. To cover again with the transparent movie and to refresh the whole night. Just before serving desmoldar the tarrina wetting a moment the base of the mold in warm water and overturning it on a source.

To cut the tarrina in tracks, to decorate it with additional fresh berries.

How to prepare them
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