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Strawberries and strawberries
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Strawberries and strawberries
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There are two golden rules at the time of handling both strawberries and strawberries. On the one hand, it is not suitable to manipulate them in excess and to exhibit them to the heat not also. There is as well as to wash them in the last moment before serving them, jousted a little before taking the tail from them and without leaving them to soaking so that they do not lose his juice.

For his sweet and perfumed flavor, the strawberries are delightful when they take the native, but different forms can be chosen to serve them: without his stems and sugary, placed in the shape of pyramid with sheets of strawberries arranged in different places, dusted with a little of pepper or showers with juice of orange, lemon or a good balsamic vinegar to heighten his flavor. They remain exquisite bathed with Beaujolais, burdeos or it digs. The strawberries to which the stems have moved back release his juice if they are dusted by sugar.

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