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This fruit does not have to wash itself with water before consuming it, since it is impregnated quickly and loses all his consistency and flavor. The raspberries they can consume fresh airs, like ingredient of crepes or mixed with yogurt, ice cream, pastries or puding. The raspberries purée with a honey teaspoonful can be used as it cremates for a dessert. The flavor of the raspberries is intense and his presence is clear although it is mixed by other fruits. Also they are used in the preparation of jellies, jams, compotes and jams, being, after the strawberries, the most popular soft fruits in the making of this type of products.

The raspberry juice is much appreciated in Germany and Scandinavia like refreshing drink. In England, the raspberries sauce is used to spray the puddings of rice and the porridges. In Berlin there is famous the weisse mit Schuss, drink that makes use in the breweries in the one that there find mixed lager, syrup of raspberries and soda. In Scotland, the grouse is refilled by wild raspberries, but where these fruits give the best thing of, is in the desserts. Between the liquids scented with raspberry there is the syrup of raspberry, which is prepared macerating the above mentioned berries in wine vinegar and constitutes a fantastic seasoning for the salads. In Eastern bloc of Europe it is used for the firewater manufacture.

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