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The plums are one of the most appetizing and refreshing fruits during the warm months of summer, especially when newly extracted fresh airs of the refrigerator take.

All the dark plums and some of the clearest varieties have bitter skins and can be used to prepare jams, jams and gelatine of a transparent luminosity. Also there can be prepared delightful sweet and sour sauces that accompany meats and crepes.

In Center Europe, Germany and Austria, the plums enter the composition of donuts that pass for sugar mixed with grated chocolate, and also they appear in the famous persons Strudels, a type of made mass of many layers of very thin pasta that is refilled and is wrapped then to be baked until it is creaking and golden. In Germany, the station of the plums is equivalent to Pflaumenkuchen to taste, that is to say, a pasta covered by a preparation of this fruit.

The drying is different of the interesting alternatives of the plums. The plums can be used you happen, that boil away the native, cooked or like accompaniment of different sweet plates, combined with other fruits, or salty food, particularly in plates of meats of fighter.

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