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The avocado is used more like a vegetable than like a fruit. To open it, it is necessary to cut it longitudinally up to the bone, turning round him completes to the fruit. Seguidamente to turn the halves in the opposite direction one of other one until there becomes detached the bone of one of them.

He lacks sweet flavor, what it allows him to combine appropriately with numerous plates.

Fresh air; filling of ham, of crab... Also it consume usually lightly cooked and in purée. The pulp of the avocado is used often as if it was a butter once crushed and dressed with lemon and oil.

The mashed avocado is a preparation by means of the crushed pulp of avocado, to which they add peppers, onions, spices, tomato and lemon juice. Also juices, batters are prepared and even avocado soups. In Zaire there is obtained a species of beer of avocado, using this fruit as raw material.

When we prepare plates with avocados, we must not forget that the salt must begin them at the moment of going to eat, so if it puts itself in advance, this does that the avocados are darkened. Likewise, it is not good to cook it, since it becomes bitter of flavor, although if it is possible to warm.

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