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Plums You Happen
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Plums You Happen
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The plums turn out to be a very tasty food to eat them alone and constitute the ideal ingredient to prepare compotes, sponge cakes, sauces... In this case, better boned. They were accompanying themselves traditionally on the hunting, the goose and the pig, but also they can be cooked by the native of Lombardy and prepare with them delicate froth, suflés and ice creams. The plums you happen they are essential in the preparation of the tzimmes, a typical Jewish stew of meat. If they are going to be consumed such a which they can be re-constituted leaving them in soaking from the wakefulness in water, in fruit juice, so that they turn out to be juicier. They are used very much in the kitchen for filling of the loin of pig, duck, chicken and capon. They are excellent preserved to the Armagnac.

As regards the health
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