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To wave it to verify that it contains water, to practise two orifices in the "eyes" of the coconut with a corkscrew. To empty the water in a receptacle and to saw the coconut. To separate the rind of the pulp with the help of a hammer or introducing the coconut in a warm stove a few minutes. To eliminate the brown skin that the pulp covers and that turns out to be slightly indigestible and to wash the pulp with water.

Pulp matures: it is possible to consume hangover, he informs or grated; or roasted, being part of diverse culinary preparations. Gelatinous pulp: it is obtained of the still green coconuts. He eats up with a spoon, as soon as the coconut was opened. It contains the same nutrients as the mature coconut but in minor concentration.

Coconut milk: ideal to calm the thirst. Coconut milk: it is obtained squeezing the once crushed pulp of the coconut. One adds water or milk and takes as a refreshment or it is added to batters of fruits or other plates. The coconut constitutes a basic ingredient in the exotic kitchen and in the Asian curry, smooths the flavor of the chili peppers.

Coconut oil: it is used in the making of some products of stiff industrial confectioner's and snacks for his low cost and good result

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