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Two habitual ways of consuming oranges are: fresh, such which, and in the shape of juice. And for every case the most appropriate varieties have to be chosen. Once haircuts, they eat up the native to segments or if they break in tracks, combine very well dusted with sugar or cinnamon. The juice turns out to be very refreshing. If it is prepared at home, it is convenient to consume it newly squeezed to prevent from losing part of his nourishing value. The juice mixed with water or soda turns into an orange-colored certification and turns out to be useful to encourage the consumption of this fruit in the smallest. If it gets into the freezer he can be the perfect substitute of the ice creams during the whole summer.

The orange is one of the fruits with major leading role in the gastronomy, since it is used in the different international kitchens to accompany multiple plates, to do cakes, pastries, sponge cakes, batters, fruit salads, ice creams, coctails, salads, fillings and sauces. They combine very well with the chocolate, therefore it is frequent that are used like filling of products of confectioner's and confectionery. The orange is a fundamental ingredient of the typical sweet and sour sauces of the oriental kitchen, like excellent accompaniment for the meat plates.

In some countries, the commerce of canned segments of orange is very popular and the orange crust is used frosty or sweetened in confectionery. The bitter orange is used to do jams, to which a very particular flavor awards them. At home, it is possible to prepare orange jam using only oranges or adding also lemons in small quantities.

The orange juice combined with champagne, wine-cellar or liquor is known popularly as "a water of Valencia".

At industrial level, to prepare the juice there are used very modern skills of accused that obtain a product that preserves almost all nourishing substances of the fresh fruit in a few similar proportions. By means of the applied conservation method there is obtained a product of high quality and long useful life, which the good hygienic and sanitary state supports.

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