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The traditional way of consuming the quinces is in the shape of sweet, jams, jams or jellies; although also gelatine is used for prepara and grazes of fruits. The plenty of pectin of this fruit provides the consistency to him adapted to prepare jams and compotes, without need to add other substances thickeners. With the quince troceado and mashed and sugar prepares for itself the aromatic Spanish quince paste or the French cotignac, as well as the English pasta of quince that is tasted like sweet or begins to be part of the puddings.

A few tracks of quince added to a pie or apple cake provide a delightful flavor to them. Also, it is possible to be useful one autumn evening to bake quinces and to leave that his aroma impregnates the hearth. For it, they break for the half, empty carefully, the hollow is refilled with sugar, dusting them with cinnamon and they are baked. Thus in addition to the agreeable aroma, one enjoys an exquisite flavor.

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