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Most of the aromatic varieties is ideal like dessert, although the melon can be included like ingredient in salads, with sheets of mint fresh and dressed with oil and lemon; with oranges and watercresses or with celery elegantly cut, onions, olives and mayonnaise. As dessert, both alone and accompanied by other fresh fruits turns out to be exquisite. A good idea is to cut melon dice and to mix them with redcurrants or wild strawberries.

The melon tracks resting on his crust of the one that they have separated with a sharp knife and accompanied on a few cured ham slices there constitute a delightful inlet; as if there appear of aperitif pieces of melon that have allowed to macerate in juice of lemon, liquor of fruits, brandy, Sherry or Oporto.

The sherbets and ice creams of melon during the summer are a fantastic refreshment and they are prepared using the crushed pulp.

Dusted with pepper it turns into an excellent garrison to accompany the roast meat, the foie gras and the fried chicken. In some oriental countries it is used to receive the guests and cold dusted with sugar and ginger makes use much.

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