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Many desserts realized with these fruits exist, being perhaps the most famous of all the peach Melba. Escoffier designed it and one dedicated it to the singer of opera Nellie Melba. This dessert consists of a fresh and mature peach poached slowly in a syrup and served with ice cream and purée of fresh raspberries.

This fruit is used also for the making of puddings and filling of cakes in the shape of jam or jam. The sherbet and the ice cream of peach turn out to be very delicate and subtle. But not only it shines in the desserts, but added in salads and especiados or pickles accompanied on ham, etc., there turn out to be also an exquisite plate.

The nectarine can be used likewise the peaches although his preparation is something more difficult because his meat is too juicy. To eat them to the native it is not necessary to peel them, since his skin is very thin. They can be bought lightly green since they mature to temperature ambience.

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