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The different apples they usually consume hangovers as fruit of table or like ingredient of salads. They can be used also in sauces and stews although his principal applications are in compotes, sweets, cakes, pastries, gelatine, jams and juices. The raw apples cut in tracks or stings contribute a fresh and creaking texture to the salads; the famous salad Waldorf consists of dice of celery, apple and nuts troceadas dressed with mayonnaise. On having peeled the apple, it gets dark soon and to avoid this it rubs with a lemon divided by the half and is peeled in the last moment.

On having cooked this fruit, it is important to select the varieties most adapted to cook and to choose the most creaking, juicy and acidic. Many plates that take this principal ingredient such like cakes, pies, meat pasties and donuts depend on the consistency of the apple to support his form. If butter and sugar is added to the varieties chosen before initiating the cooking, one will prevent from disintegrating.

The cooked apples are exquisite if there is added to them nail, cinnamon or seeds of coriander. The rum also harmonizes with this preparation. To accompany to eggs plates, meats and fish it is possible to prepare an apple mayonnaise; prepared on having mixed mayonnaise and purée of apples cooked with little sugar. Some plates as the Iranian khoresh combine the apples with onions and cinnamon. In western Germany they are dusted by breadcrumbs, are cooked, are fried and are accompanied on ham.

On having prepared roast apples, the best thing is to do an incision about the apple in all his circumference. This incision must not be too deep and it will be done by the top of a knife and in the top part of the apple. This way one prevents during the roast from bursting for effect of the interior heat and from breaking during the cooking. If it is desirable to prepare an applesauce, to improve his flavor, there is added to the cooking little water and a stick of cinnamon or of vanilla and the peeling of half a lemon.

To consume the juice of this fruit is also an excellent way of taking advantage of his properties and of calming the thirst; and it combines very well with different vegetables, like the carrot and the beet, a very nourishing and refreshing juice being obtained. With the apple also there are prepared alcoholic beverages, like the characteristic cider, wines and liquors, like the calvados or apple brandy, a firewater obtained by means of a double process of distillation. In Normandy it is called a half note and in the United States, applejack. The apple vinegar, it is a product derived from the very popular apple and consumed that is obtained by the acidic fermentation of the apple cider. It turns out to be a softer seasoning for the stomach that the wine vinegar, since it contains less acetic acid.

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