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One of the best forms of consuming these fruits is fresh, since if they are mature it is possible to appreciate his exquisite flavor and sweetness. In countries as Italy or France, they are accompanied on ham or make use like dessert. In Andalusia there is prepared a traditional sweet that is the bread of fig, realized with dried figs and almonds. The most famous and popular fig breads in our country are those who are prepared in the Caves town, province of Almeria, and they consist of a rounded and flat cake prepared with dry figs stung elegantly together with diverse dry fruits and spices or spices: almonds, anise, cinnamon, nail, pepper, orange rind and firewater of anisette, all this mixed with water of fennel. The result is an energy food and tonificante.

Figs and early figs are used very much in confectioner's, in the shape of purée, to do fillings and adornments and to make jams. The toasted and ground figs give place to a dust that is used in the industry like substitute of the coffee, in general, combined with other ingredients (malt, barley, chicory...).

There turn out to be a delightful complement, when they are added in accompaniments for plates of fighter or of birds.

Also they are consumed, and very much, the dry figs, which industrialist or servant obtain by means of a process of dessicated. The morsels of figs combined with nuts turn out to be a delightful snack, and in diverse provinces of Castile and León, to this miscellany he is met by the name of "nougat of poor person".

The figs preserved in alcohol are another alternative derived from the fresh figs. They are prepared using small, consistent figs, of dark skin, which have not matured completely. They survive in receptacles mixed with alcohol, sugar and cinnamon.

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