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The raspberry known also like strawberry of the forest, is a beautiful fruit of the raspberry cane or sangüeso, plant that grows wild in all the countries of moderate climate. It belongs to the family of the Rosy ones, which includes more than 2.000 species of herbaceous plants, shrubs and trees that grow for the moderate regions of the whole world. The principal European fruits, in addition to the rosebush, belong to this big family. The raspberry is a fruit much used in hundreds of recipes that enrich the typical gastronomy of countries of the center and of the north of Europe.



The red or European raspberry cane comes from the mount Gone, in Greece, where from one extended Italy, Netherlands, England and later to North America.

The varieties that at present are on the market come from the wild fruits tree red color (Rubus idaeus), which is in Europe and of the species and varieties of red and black color of the north of America; such like: Rubus strigosus (wild raspberry cane), Rubus Occidentales (black raspberry cane) and Rubus neglectus (raspberry cane purple).

The raspberries also qualify according to the season in which they come to fruition. Most of the varieties are of summer, nevertheless, autumn raspberries exist and although the volume of the harvest is minor, they extend the period of compilation of these fruits.

In Spain producing areas are a Huelva, Asturias, Caceres and the region of the Maresme in Barcelona. The Spanish market is nourished also of imports realized from Chile and Central America.


The raspberries, according to the variety, mature of form staggered during the summer months and brought in the autumn, therefore we can taste them during July, August, September and October.


It forms: it is an infrutescencia of round or conical form. The raspberry is formed by many drupes or rough grains very next and arranged in pineapple. Every drupe has a fluff of yellow color adherent I pray.

Size and weight: his base has between 15 and 20 millimeters in diameter. A raspberries cup has an approximate weight of approximately 125 grams.

Color: the skin is velvety, of red color a scarlet cloth and it is covered of a thin perceptible hair when it is tasted, although there exist varieties of yellow, white or black color.

Flavor: The pulp, beefy, juicy and of sweet and sour flavor, very aromatic and perfumed, it lodges in his interior tiny seeds that they do not hinder when the native is consumed.

For the compilation of the raspberries of table it is necessary to be careful of not spoiling the fruits. For it a few small baskets take to the field with lid, capable of containing half a kilogram. The worker doubles the branch of the fruit towards the basket placed in the soil, cuts with the scissors the fruits stopping a little of leaf stalk and makes them fall down straight in the basket.

The fruits destined for the industry are gathered also mature, although the compilation is usually a mechanics. The tier combs by means of two high cylindrical locks provided with long metallic teeth that shake the stems making the mature fruits fall down on a retractable platform. By means of air jets the sheets and strange bodies are eliminated and the fruits come clean to a long mobile canvas where the final selection is realized.


The fruits have to be thick, with the consistent pulp and a brilliant and intense coloration. They have to be hard and free of mold and have to feel dry and fresh to the tact. The stem will have to be of a living green color.

The raspberries are gathered when they are well mature and nd out of the cell. The magnesium is related to the functioning of intestine, nerves and muscles, is part of bones and teeth, improves the immunity and possesses a soft laxative effect.

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