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The plum is the fruit of the plum tree, tree of the family of the Rosy ones that reaches 5 meters high. This family includes more than 2.000 species of herbaceous plants, shrubs and trees distributed by the moderate regions of the whole world. The principal European fruits, in addition to the rosebush, belong to this big family. It appears in a wide scale of sizes, forms, colors and flavors that depend on the variety.



The plums are original of the Caucasus, Anatolia (Turkey) and Persia (Iran). The principal producing countries are Argentina, Chile, South Africa, the United States and, in Spain, he emphasizes his cultivation in Aragon, in the Mediterranean area and in the provinces of Seville and Lerida. According to the color of his skin, the plums can qualify in yellow, red, black and green.

- The yellow ones are fruits of acidic flavor and abundant juice.

- The red ones are juicy and with a flavor more sweet than the yellow ones.

- The black women have the bluish or blackish skin and they are most adapted to cook.

- Those of green skin are named a Greengage and are characterized by his sweetness.

Between the varieties most known in our country they are:

Golden Japan: of pulp very juicy and extremely sweet straw, brilliant, thick, resistant and of clear yellow skin. It usually appears on the Spanish market from the second June two weeks.

Santa Rosa: it would cause of the Asian wild plum, there are fruits of big, rounded and heart-shaped size. His skin is of an intense red color and his meat, yellow amber, very juicy, sweet and perfumed. His compilation is realized in the middle of July, although it is a variety in clear regression on the market of our country because it is very delicate and gets damaged with facility.

Claudia Reina Verde: it differs from all other for being the most sweet and exquisite variety. The color of his skin is dark green and the very juicy and refreshing pale green pulp. It is excellent like table fruit or for the making of compotes, conserves and jams. His compilation is realized in July and August.

Queen Claudia de Oullins: named this way in France in honor to the wife of Francisco I, it is a light green and golden fruit, of pale and very juicy meat. It is one of the most widespread varieties that is cultivated especially in Saragossa.

Arandana: there are fruits of average size and leather color dark garnet, and the pulp, although it is beefy, he does not stand out for his sweetness. It is late as for his appearance on the market.

Laetitia and Larry Ann: there are purple, very big plums (55 millimeters), consistent, turgid as for his texture, which almost allows to taste them with knife and holder. They usually matter of other countries and occupy a space in the time that there is no national production.

Metley: these plums are known commercially with the name of plum "strawberry" by his skin of purple color, his juicy pulp of intense rosy color and very sweet flavor similar to that of the strawberry.

Network beauty: it is the earliest variety in appearing on the Spanish market. It has the skin of vinoso color, pulp and juicy of yellow color, beefy with a quite insipid flavor, lightly acidulously.


The plums announce his maturation for the special perfume that they detach. We can find them on the market from ends of April until September.


It forms: it is a rounded or egg-shaped and heart-shaped drupe. With oblong bone formed by two seeds in his interior that lose his germinative faculty after one month.

Size and weight: the most common calibers range from the 35 to 55 millimeters and it has an approximate diametea href="../external.php" >
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