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The peach is the fruit of the peach tree, tree of the family of the Rosy ones. This family includes more than 2.000 species of herbaceous plants, shrubs and trees distributed by moderate regions of the whole world. The principal European fruits, in addition to the rosebush, belong to this big family. There exist hundreds of varieties that have gathered together in five races, each of them with characteristics, period of maturation and proper applications. The nectarines and the Paraguayans belong to more acquaintances on the Spanish market.



The peach tree is a native of China, where the references to his cultivation go back to 3.000 years behind. In China the peaches are a symbol of long life and immortality and there constitute a habitual motive in the decoration of the famous chinas of the country. They were taken to Persia (Iran) across the trade routes of the mountains, becoming acquaintances as fruit Pérsica. In 330 B.C. the peach tree came to Greece and during the middle age his cultivation spread over the whole Europe, settling like cultivation in expansion during the XIXth century.

Today one of the fruit trees is more tecnificado and spread of the world. At present there are producing countries: China, the United States, Argentina, Chile, Greece, France and Spain. The principal producing areas of our country are: Murcia, Extremadura, Tarragona, Barcelona, Aragon, Lerida, Seville, Huelva and Valencia. The varieties that more are consumed of peach are:

Baby Gold, of reddish and yellowish skin, hard or semihard, juicy pulp, of red color yellowish and adhered to the bone. On having matured, it tends to become soft therefore it is a very perishable fruit.

May Crest, Quee Crest, appears on the market at the end of May or beginning of June, his skin is of orange red color with some yellow face and it has no defects in the skin. His pulp, yellow whitish and of consistent texture it does not tend to become soft and she is entire or partially detached of the bone. They come basically from Tarragona.

Merryl and Elegant lady, are the varieties that more they emphasize for his quality, productivity and consumption. They are of yellow meat and his skin is velvety, of a red intense one. The pulp is of yellow color, smooth and very sweet.

Alexandra, white Maria, Mireille, Network wing, appears on the market at the end of May or beginning of June, his skin is of orange red color with some yellow face and it has no defects in the skin. His pulp, yellow whitish and of consistent texture it does not tend to become soft and she is entire or partially detached of the bone. They come basically from Tarragona.

Royal Glory, it is characterized by the coloration red intensely of his skin. His pulp is entire or partially detached of the bone, done especially excellently when the fruit comes to his ripeness. It is of juicy, consistent and sweet meat.


The first May two weeks, there come to the market the fruits proceeding from Seville, Huelva and Valencia. In July they make it the proceeding ones from Murcia, Extremadura, Tarragona and Barcelona. Those who appear in September are from Lerida and Aragon.


It forms: the peach is a drupe of rounded form of big size. All of them, they lodge a bone in his interior that keeps the seed and that in some varieties is very adherent to the pulp and in others it separates with facility.

Size: the caliber changes according to the variety, from 55-65 millimeters to the 75-85.

Color: the skin of the peach and of the Paraguayan is smooth and velvety. The color of the first one is red intense, pale pink or yellow orange, according to the variety, as the nectarine, while the Paraguayan has the skin of even mature greenish and yellowish color. The pulp is beefy, sweet and juicy, a few white, compact and very sweet times and in other varieties, red or orange, soft and less sweet. The pulp of the nectarine and the Paraguayan is often white or color cremates very clearly.

Flavor: both the peach and the Paraguayan, according to the variety, happen for an extensive scale of sweets. The nectarine also can have a sweet flavor, lightly acidulously.


The peaches must present on the market points to themselves, without rottenness or alterations that make them improper for the consumption, clean and exempt from visible strange particles. For his color it is possible to know if it is mature or not, when the last green spot takes a yellow tone it is the sign of that is already ready to be emaciated. His smell has to be soft, aromatic and fruity. Once bought, it is suitable to support the fruits that are not mature completely to temperature ambience until they mature. If one keeps them in the icebox already mature, they must survive separated from other fruits.

Composition for 100 grams of eatable portion
Calories (Kcal) 37
Carbohydrates (g) 9
Fibre (g) 1,4
Potassium (mg) 140
Magnesium (mg) 9
I iodize (mcg) 3
Vitamin C (mg) 8
Provitamina A (mcg) 17
mcg = micrograms

Unlike what it could seem due to his sweet flavor, the peach is not of the fruits that any more carbohydrates and energy reach port. He emphasizes his wealth of fibre, which improves the intestinal transit. Between his mineral composition the potassium stands out, and in discreet quantities, the magnesium and the iodine.

The vitamins fan hidrosolubles that it contains is wide, without not emphasizing in this case any vitamin in particular either. The carotenos quantity if that is higher than that of other fruits, what part of his properties awards him dietoterapéuticas. The nectarine contains more quantity of carbohydrates than the peach and contributes a major energy value. Also it possesses more quantity of carotenoides, vitamin C and potassium. The provitamina A or beta caroteno transforms in vitamin A in our similar organism this one needs it. The above mentioned vitamin is essential for the vision, the good state of the skin, the hair, the mucous membranes, the bones and for the good functioning of the immune system and it has antirust action. The potassium is a mineral necessary for the transmission and generation of the nervous impulse and for the normal muscular activity, it intervenes in the water balance inside and out of the cell.

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