Strawberries and strawberries


The strawberries and the strawberries grow in the strawberry bed, plant that belongs to the family of the Rosy ones and to the genre Strawberry. This family includes more than 2.000 species of herbaceous plants, shrubs and trees distributed by the moderate regions of the whole world. The principal European fruits, in addition to the rosebush, belong to this big family. The strawberries and the strawberries are some of the most valued fruits and they evoke the spring beginning.

There are known in the world more than 1.000 varieties of strawberry, fruit of the big capacity of hybridization that has this species.


The ancestress of the strawberry that is consumed in Europe is American. The strawberry that we know at present was introduced in Europe by the first colonists of Virginia (United States). With the arrival of the strawberry of Virginia in the XIXth century, there were obtained new varieties that won in size and lost in flavor. Later crossings were realized between this one and a Chilean variety, what the scales fitted, obtaining a big and tasty strawberry. In Spain, the province of Huelva is the most specializing in the cultivation of strawberries and strawberries. The advantages of this area enjoy world recognition. At present, the from Huelva strawberry production represents more than 65 % of the national volume. The region of the Maresme, which belongs to Barcelona, and Valencia and Extremadura other national regions are with important strawberry beds. France and Germany are the principal clients and the United Kingdom, Belgium, Holland, Switzerland and Austria demand also this early strawberry and of high quality. Other producing countries are Italy, Israel and the United States.

Nowadays, nevertheless, most commercialized there are strawberries of intensive cultivation that with the help of hothouses manage to have presence the whole year on the market of our country. The strawberry is considered to be a type of strawberry of major size, with form of heart and of living red color when it is mature.

More outstanding varieties:

Queen of the vales: it is the variety of predominant strawberry on the Spanish market. There are tiny fruits of whitish red color to red brilliant, with succulent pulp of sweet flavor and aromatic.

Camarosa: the variety of major cultivation of strawberry. This big fruit of Californian origin is very precocious, of extremely brilliant color and of good flavor and steadfastness.

Tudla: there are big, aromatic, elongated strawberries, of intense red color, so much day pupil as internally.

Big bear: strawberry of Californian origin, with the disadvantage of which it has tendency to the quitter. It is of orange red color, with form of flattened wedge, thick caliber and good flavor.

Cartuno: it is a strawberry of perfect conical form, uniform caliber and brilliant red color. His flavor is sugary.

Charisma: very vigorous variety of strawberry, capable of adapting itself to all kinds of soils and climates. It is of soft red color and of big size.

Irwing: there are strawberries of rounded form, flattened by the stem and of dull red color.

Bird: it is a variety that gives strawberries with conical, firm form, of consistent pulp and uniform and brilliant red color. This is, possibly, the variety with better flavor of all the commercialized ones.

Forest: there are considered to be the summer strawberries, since they usually appear on the market in the middle of July and last till the end of September.


According to the varieties, the strawberry beds bloom from winter ends up to summer beginning, therefore the fruits mature during the whole spring and good brought in the summer; from March until July. These fruits detach an unmistakable perfume when they are in his ideal point of consumption that they make recognizable to them over a distance. The heat, the transport and the moisture are his biggest enemies, deteriorating with supreme facility due to his delicate, tender and slightly consistent structure.


It forms: of conical form to almost round, according to the variety.

Size and weight: the strawberries are calibrated measuring his diameter. The most commercialized calibers go from the 18 to 22 millimeters or more, being the strawberries of minor size. The strawberries have a 25 grams approximate weight.

Color: red brilliant or red orange, according to the cultivation variety.

Flavor: they present a perfumed, juicy and buttery meat, which comes undone in the mouth to the minimal pressure, with a flavor that changes of acid to very sweet. What more it characterizes to these fruits is his intense aroma, capable of impregnating with his penetrating perfume, several meters to the region.


At the time of choosing the strawberries and strawberries, it is necessary to insure itself that should be thick, brilliant fruits and fresh appearance, since it is very delicate and perishable food. It is not necessary to allow to influence for the fact that they weigh little or because the ends of his stems are clearer. They must be bought by the intact stems and do not have to move back until they have washed themselves to improve his conservation.

They survive better if they keep in the refrigerator or in a fresh, dark and drafty place, as merry as possible in a source or dinner plate. Under these circumstances they can survive up to 4-5 days, if they are not very mature.

Composition for 100 grams of eatable portion
Calories 34,5
Carbohydrates (g) 7
Fibre (g) 2,2
Potassium (mg) 150
Magnesium (mg) 13
Calcium (mg) 30
Vitamin C (mg) 60
Folatos (mcg) 62
Vitamin And (mg) 0,2
mcg = micrograms

The strawberries and the strawberries are fruits that contribute few calories and whose more abundant component, after the water, there are the carbohydrates (fructose, glucose and xilitol). He emphasizes his contribution of fibre, which improves the intestinal transit. As for other nutrients and organic compounds, the strawberries and the strawberries are a very good vitamin source C and citric acid (of action disinfectant and alcalinizadora of the urine, it promotes the action of the vitamin C), acid salicílico (of anti-inflammatory and anticoagulant action), malic acid and oxálico, potassium and in minor proportion they contain vitamin E, that intervenes in the stability of the blood cells and in the fertility. The vitamin C has antirust action, as the vitamin E and the (antocianos) flavonoides, vegetable pigments that award to these fruits his typical color. The vitamin C intervenes in the formation of collagen, bones and teeth, red globules and favors the absorption of the iron of the food and the resistance to the infections. The acid fólico intervenes in the production of red and white globules, in the material synthesis genetically and the formation antibodies of the immune system. The potassium is necessary for the transmission and generation of the nervous impulse, for the normal muscular activity and it intervenes in the water balance inside and out of the cell.

To these fruits it assumes diverse properties to them, especially for his vitamin plenty C, present in major quantity than the citrus fruits. A healthy adult person needs 60 milligrams on the day of vitamin C and 100 grams of strawberries or strawberries satisfy the totality of the recommendations. This nutrient possesses a verified antirust action, as the antocianos and the vitamin E presents in the strawberries and strawberries. The antirust ones block the harmful effect of the so called "free radicals". The respiration in the presence of oxygen is essential in the cellular life of our organism, but as a result of the same one there take place a few molecules, the free radicals, which cause along the life negative effects for the health across his aptitude to alter the ADN (the genes), the proteins and the lípidos or fats ("oxidation). In our body there exist cells that are renewed continuously (of the skin, of the intestine.) and others that not (cells of the liver...) . With the years, the free radicals increase the risk that genetic alterations take place on the first ones, favoring the cancer development or, reduce the functionality of the second ones, what is typical of the aging process. There exist certain situations that increase the free radicals production, between them: the intense physical exercise, the environmental contamination, the nicotinism, the infections, situations of stress, diets rich in fats and her on exhibition to the solar radiation. The relation between antirust and cardiovascular diseases, it is today a well sustained affirmation. It is known that it is the modification of the called "bad cholesterol" (LDL-c), which redeems a fundamental role both in the beginning and in the development of the aterosclerosis (illness that consists of an engrosamiento and abnormal hardness of the internal covering of the blood glasses, due to a deposit of greasy material and cells, which prevents or makes the step of the blood difficult). The antirust ones can block the free radicals that modify the called bad cholesterol, helping to reduce the cardiovascular and cerebrovascular risk. On the other hand, the low levels of antirust constitute a risk factor for certain types of cancer and of degenerative illnesses.


The vitamin C has also the aptitude to favor the absorption of the iron of the food, therefore it improves or prepares the anemia ferropénica and improves the resistance to the infections. There exist certain vital situations in which the organic needs for vitamin C are increased, such like: pregnancy, lactation, nicotinism, employment of certain medicines, stress and diminished defenses, intense sports practice, cancer, AIDS and chronic inflammatory illnesses. In these cases, the consumption of strawberries and strawberries or other fruits rich in vitamin C is indicated especially.

For his acid plenty fólico or folatos, essential vitamin in the processes of division and cellular multiplication that they take place in the first months of gestation, his consumption turns out to be suitable or interesting for the pregnant women to prepare the forked thorn, alteration in the development of the nervous system (pipe neural) of the fetus.


Due to his high potassium content and low in sodium, they turn out to be very advisable for those persons who suffer from arterial hypertension or complaints of blood glasses and heart. Nevertheless, his consumption will have to be born in mind by the persons who suffer from renal insufficiency and who need of special diets controlled in this mineral. Nevertheless, to whom they take diuretics that eliminate potassium and to the persons with bulimia; due to the episodes of autoinduced vomiting that provoke big losses of this mineral, the consumption of these fruits is convenient for them.

Other healthy benefits

Due to his particular composition, these fruits possess an effect beneficial diuretic in case of hiperuricemia or drop and litiasis renal (it favors the elimination of uric acid and his salt), arterial hypertension or other illnesses associated with retention of liquids. Nevertheless, in case of litiasis renal for oxalato calculations, considering his oxalic acid content, they are unwise.

Strawberries and strawberries are a good fibre source. To this nutrient there assumes to him an out-standing protective effect of the organism, due to a mechanism of sequestration of potentially harmful substances. The fibre "catches" certain compounds (biliary acids, cholesterol...) that are excreted together with the dregs, what he benefits to the persons with hipercolesterolemia or litiasis biliary. Also it accelerates the intestinal transit, reducing the time of contact of some of these harmful substances with the intestinal textile, what he prepares or improves the constipation and reduces the risk of cancer of colon.

The content in salicilatos of the strawberries and strawberries is the person in charge of the cutaneous reactions (hives) that it provokes, principally to the persons who have allergy to the aspirin (acid acetilsalicílico).

The strawberry is a fruit considered popularly like a magnificent healthy remedy. Linnaeus, the big Swedish botanist, was recommending his consumption as palliative treatment for the arthritis, the rheumatism and the drop.

The strawberries contain xilitol, a sweetener that is usually used like substitute of the saccharose (common sugar) and that possesses the quality of which it is not cariogénico.


There are two golden rules at the time of handling both strawberries and strawberries. On the one hand, it is not suitable to manipulate them in excess and to exhibit them to the heat not also. There is as well as to wash them in the last moment before serving them, jousted a little before taking the tail from them and without leaving them to soaking so that they do not lose his juice.

For his sweet and perfumed flavor, the strawberries are delightful when they take the native, but different forms can be chosen to serve them: without his stems and sugary, placed in the shape of pyramid with sheets of strawberries arranged in different places, dusted with a little of pepper or showers with juice of orange, lemon or a good balsamic vinegar to heighten his flavor. They remain exquisite bathed with Beaujolais, burdeos or it digs. The strawberries to which the stems have moved back release his juice if they are dusted by sugar.




- 400 grams of strawberries
- 100 grams of sugar
- 1 glass of sweet sherry
- 1 vinegar spoonful
- 150 grams of cream
- tongue sponge cakes.

To choose the mature, but well smooth strawberries, to wash them, to take the stems from them and to allow them to slip. To put them in a receptacle well widespread and to spray them with the vinegar. To leave this way for space of 30 ó 40 minutes.

To place in a source and to dust generously with sugar and to water with the sherry.

To set in the refrigerator until now of leading to the table. Moments earlier, the sugary cream is added to them and forming pyramid. In the apex there is placed a strawberry that will have been reserved by stem and sheets. To adorn the source putting sponge cakes around.

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