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Practical guide. Fruits
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Let's know something more on the fruits
Introduction Introduction
Classification Classification
Nourishing properties Nourishing properties
Maturation of the fruits Maturation of the fruits
Why do the fruits deteriorate Why do the fruits deteriorate
Quality criteria in the buy, conservation and storage Quality criteria in the buy, conservation and storage
Practical advices at home Practical advices at home
Importance of the consumption of futas for the health
Let's know something more on the fruits
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The fruits play a transcendental role in the balance of the human diet for his nourishing qualities.

Fruit is synonymous of health. Let's see the porqué:

1. His suppressed water high place facilitates the elimination of toxins of our organism and helps us to stay well hydrated...

2. His fibre contribution, it helps to regulate the function of our intestine and to avoid or to correct the constipation. The fibre has a big dietetic interest since, also, it possesses beneficial effects both in the prevention and in the treatment of certain illnesses (excess of cholesterol, diabetes, obesity, calculations in the biliary vesicle, haemorrhoids and varicose veins, divertículos, cancer of colon and ulcer).

3. There are an almost exclusive vitamin source C. The experts in nutrition recommend to take three fruit pieces as a minimum a day, trying that one of them is rich in vitamin C (citrus fruits, kiwi, melon, strawberries, tropical...).

4. It contains antirust that they protect opposite to illnesses related to the degeneration of the nervous system, cardiovascular diseases and even the cancer. The World Organization of the Health (WHO) has confirmed in the last years the results of diverse studies of investigation that reveal the anticarcinogenic effects of fruits and vegetables, particularly against the cancer of the gastrointestinal tract and against that of lung. According to the studies, one of the ten patients affected by some type of cancer has supported an insufficient feeding by means of fruits and vegetables. Other very healthy fruits are the citrus fruits and some tropical fruits rich in vitamin C, beta - caroteno, vitamin E and other substances with antirust properties, which are used against cardiovascular diseases, cataracts, breast cancer, ovaries or bladder.

Practical advices at home
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Let's know something more on the fruits
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