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Practical guide. Fruits
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Let's know something more on the fruits
Introduction Introduction
Classification Classification
Nourishing properties Nourishing properties
Maturation of the fruits Maturation of the fruits
Why do the fruits deteriorate
Quality criteria in the buy, conservation and storage Quality criteria in the buy, conservation and storage
Practical advices at home Practical advices at home
Importance of the consumption of futas for the health Importance of the consumption of fruits for the health
Let's know something more on the fruits
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Alteration for microorganisms: many microorganisms attack more easily to the damaged fruits mechanically than to the intact ones, so that it becomes necessary to take precautions during his collection, transport and manipulation to prevent a blow from being the point of initial attack of the microorganisms.

Light: It influences the loss of nourishing substances of indirect form, favoring a series of reactions that take place after the food is in contact with the air. It affects especially to certain vitamins hidrosolubles (especially the vitamin C) and liposolubles, like the provitamina A or beta - caroteno.

Oxygen: when the fruits are peeled, troceadas or crushed and his textiles are exhibited to the contact with the oxygen of the air, brown colorations take place. This alteration also can owe to blows for an inadequate manipulation and to the proper maturation process. There are different means that they can control or prevent the appearance of brown or dark areas, like the immersion of the fruits in water lightly acidulous (with lemon juice) immediately after bare or cut.

Heat: the heat produces loss of vitamins, especially of vitamin C and also of flavonoides, colourings of some fruits that behave like antirust.

Acidity: the acidity helps to reduce the losses of vitamins and to avoid the changes of color of bare, cut or crushed fruits.

Maturation of the fruits
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Quality criteria in the buy, conservation and storage

The fruits one to one
Let's know something more on the fruits
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The organic farming
Calendar of the fruits
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