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It is known that Hipócrates was recommending these fruits for the feverish states. In the popular tradition of different cultures, they have been used during hundreds of years derived from figs to treat colds and to relieve the sore throat. Half a dozen of figs cooked in milk boiling constitutes a good remedy to soften the cough and to favor the expectoration, and more if honey is added.

Up to the arrival of the sugar, the figs were used to preserve the cooked fruit and even like substitute of the bread of cereal.

The early figs, of major commercial interest that the figs, they form on the old wood of the branch of the tree, where they spend the winter like small buttons, being located three or four for branch. From August, the fig tree gives the second harvest, the figs, which in fact are an inverted flower inwards and the real fruit are the small seeds that stay in his interior.

The latex is a white and milky liquid that arises on having taken a fig of the tree. It is irritating and capable of coagulating the milk, by what it has been used for years like vegetable coagulant in the cheeses manufacture, and in fact, it keeps on being done traditionally this way in Majorca.

As regards the health
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