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It is the liquid that is inside the pulp; the less mature be the most abundant fruit will be and also the richer in nutrients. It is considered to be a drink isotónica natural, being much appreciated in the tropical countries where it takes extracting it straight from the fruit.

The copra. It is the oil that is obtained from the fruit, dry and reduced to pieces. The copra fat contains 65 % of oil. For saponification and hidrogenación there is obtained fat and coconut oil (fats hidrogenadas and saturated).

Applications of the coconut:

It manages: the copra is used like raw material for the extraction of oil of nutritive use and in products of corporal and cosmetic hygiene. The bone that the copra covers is used to produce coal and activated coal or like combustible for cauldrons.

Cattle: the coconut flour is a by-product of the extraction of the oil and it is used like food for the cattle. The sheets are used like forage for the dairy cattle in epochs of scarcity.

Agriculture: the dust of the tow is used in sandy soils since it improves the water retention and the texture of the soil. Also, the residual products of the extraction of the oil are used to prepare organic fertilizers. The fibre can be used like alternative horticultural substratum in the cultivation without soil.

Construction: the wood is used for the manufacture of houses, bridges and farms and the palms, in roofs. With the crust also furniture are prepared.

Craft: the palms are used to do baskets, hats, carpets, etc. The conch is used to make buttons, spoons, adornments, etc. The fibre resistant to the sea water, is used for cables and tackles of ships, to do blankets and purses or even brooms and brushes.

Medicine: for his potential antiseptic action and diurética, etc., in many tropical countries it is used like popular remedy against the asthma, the bronchitis, contusions, burns, constipation, dysentery, cough, fever, flu, etc.

Ecology: the presence of these trees contributes to the regulation of the microclimate and to the protection of the soils.

Tourism: the coconut palms constitute the coastal sceneries and embellish the beaches.

Gardening: in the streets or like interior plants; also with the wood of the trunk flowerpots are done.

As regards the health
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