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Practical guide. Fruits
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Let's know something more on the fruits
Introduction Introduction
Classification Classification
Nourishing properties Nourishing properties
Maturation of the fruits Maturation of the fruits
Why do the fruits deteriorate Why do the fruits deteriorate
Quality criteria in the buy, conservation and storage
Practical advices at home Practical advices at home
Importance of the consumption of futas for the health Importance of the consumption of fruits for the health
Let's know something more on the fruits
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In the buy:

At present it is possible to have most of the fruits in any season. Nevertheless, it is better to acquire in every moment the proper fruits of this station. This way, in spring and summer there can be bought on the market the most refreshing and richest in water like the strawberry, the watermelon or the melon. In autumn, fruits more energy and rich in sugar appear like the grape, increasing in winter the offer of citric fruits as the oranges rich in vitamin C.

1. In the boxes or tags it must appear:

- Denomination of the product and variety (example: apple Golden)

- Origin (place of cultivation)

- Category: extra (red); 1st category (green); 2nd category (yellow) and 3rd category (target). The category is determined, between other aspects, by the size, the uniformity of the pieces, the percentage of imperfection, the rugosity, the changes in the color, etc.

- Denomination of the product and variety (example: apple Golden)

2. To choose well colored fruits, without blows, bruises, spots or soft parts. Therefore, to verify his state it is preferable to acquire those copies that are at sight and not packagings.

3. When the fruit is not going to be consumed immediately it is convenient to buy it lightly immature, to allow her to mature at home to temperature ambience. Nevertheless, the mature fruit will have to survive in fresh places or in the icebox and be consumed as soon as possible.

Conservation and storage

1. The fresh fruits do not need special conditions of conservation (there are enough fresh, dry places protected from the solar light), although we can keep them in the least cold part of the icebox, always isolated from other food to increase his useful life.

- Delicate fruits: up to 2 days (strawberries, mulberries, etc.)

- Fruits with bone: up to 7 days (plums, apricots...)

- Citrus fruits: up to 10 days (oranges, tangerines, lemon and lime, etc.)

- The bananas turn black if we keep them in the icebox, of course, without losing his nourishing quality. The darkening of the skin can be avoided if we wrap them in newsprint.

2. · We must not keep together fruits of short conservation (bananas, peach, pears...) with those of long conservation (citrus fruits, apples...), since strange flavors can take place and deteriorate more easily.

3. When he gets ready of more fruit of which it is possible to consume or it is desirable to taste a period fruit in another season, we can resort to the freezing. The fruits most adapted for the freezing are: pineapple, apple, apricot, grapefruit, strawberry and dark cherry (not more than 6 months). On the contrary there are no suitable cherries and plums of clear color, the grapes and almost all the tropical fruits. With regard to the maturation grade, generally the fruit is considered to be suitable for the freezing when it has reached the moment adapted for his fresh consumption.

Why do the fruits deteriorate
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Practical advices at home

The fruits one to one
Let's know something more on the fruits
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The organic farming
Calendar of the fruits
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