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Practical guide. Fruits
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Let's know something more on the fruits
Introduction Introduction
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Nourishing properties Nourishing properties
Maturation of the fruits Maturation of the fruits
Why do the fruits deteriorate Why do the fruits deteriorate
Quality criteria in the buy, conservation and storage Quality criteria in the buy, conservation and storage
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Importance of the consumption of futas for the health Importance of the consumption of fruits for the health
Let's know something more on the fruits
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To stay healthy it is convenient to continue a diet rich in fruits. Nevertheless, the fresh products sometimes turn in the base of food poisonings, by what a few simple basic hygiene norms must be respected. On having consumed raw fruits, there runs the risk of consuming any residue that has stayed in them on having remained in contact with some dirty surface or poisonous substance; microorganisms that are in the organic fertilizers, in the water of irrigation and that of the first rinse, the present microbes in the hands of those who gather the product, in the containers where it is stored and in the vehicles where it is transported, as well as the remains of the animals that are on the breeding grounds.


1. On having come to house, it is necessary to liberate the fruits of any bag or bundle of plastic so that they could breathe.

2. He advises to himself to manipulate them carefully in order not to cause breaks that accelerate his decomposition.

3. To eliminate the copies that the fruits are spoiled, for example, with beginnings of rottenness, to prevent from infecting to the rest.

4. It is necessary to wash them very well under a jet of clean water, especially when hangovers are going to eat up and they are not peeled.

5. The smallest and most delicate, like strawberries, raspberries, mulberries, etc., have to be rinsed in a colander.

6. Before trocear and to serve the raw fruits that take resistant skin as the melons and the watermelons (when it serves these fruits in a compound plate), wash them to conscience with a brush destined exclusively for this use and with abundant water.

7. To wash well his/her/its hands before touching the fruit. If raw food has been manipulated earlier, asegurémonos of that the surface and the tools that have been used and our hands are perfectly clean before communicating them with the fruit.

8. To cover carefully the receptacles that contain cut fruit. To keep the fruit salad of fruits or any fruit cut in the fridge up to minutes before serving it.

9. To read and to continue the indications of the bundle of the stiff, such fruits as "Survive in cold", "to Consume preferably before...", or "It Expires...".


Peeled, troceado, batter...

To avoid in possible the loss of vitamins it is convenient:

1. Not to realize a bare deep one: the most external part of the fruits (under the skin), is the one that concentrates major vitamins quantity, therefore a bare deep one drives to important losses of these nutrients.

2. To prepare the fruit salads, the juices, the batters or the fruits purées shortly before his consumption. To add a little of juice lemon and to use tools of rustproof materials for his bare one or troceado.

Quality criteria in the buy, conservation and storage
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Importance of the consumption of fruits for the health

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Let's know something more on the fruits
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